Information for all the workshops and trainings that I run can usually be found on my website, but unfortunately the link is currently failing. Apologies, and please bear with me while I sort it out.
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Here are some pictures of drum making workshops.  Some are in  my home and some (the ones with more than four participants) are in various venues (usually village halls) around Britain.  Most of the workshops I run are on Dartmoor in Devon but I'm happy to bring my Travelling Drum (or rattle) Making Circus to wherever you are.

Pleased with their drums!

At the beginning of the workshop you have the opportunity to make an altar, honouring those allies who need to be taken into consideration upon this particular day.

Two beautiful drums, at the end of a workshop here at my home.

There's always a feast for lunch and something cake-ish in the afternoon should you wish for it. I can accommodate any special dietry requirements you have.

I try to make a delicious home-grown and wild picked salad a part of every workshop. I'd like to think that as well as creating something wonderful, beautiful and magical the whole experience of the day is nurturing to every aspect of ourselves.

Beginning the lacing.

The lacing is finished, it's time to make the handle.

I find hands incredibly beautiful, they are so capable and creative.

Before we begin making we assemble a little altar in honour of whichever allies you would like to hold the space and assist with the work - if you want to.

 Morgan Le Mew (now sadly deceased) insisted on being part of this rattle making, still sitting on the board even when Angharad was banging the punch through the hide!

Is there a makers mark you would like to put inside your drum?

Cutting suede to make a beater.

Finishing the lacing at the back of the drum.

An altar to the Spirit of The Drum and The Spirit of The Deer. Both of whom are deeply honoured in the process.

Drum making in an Oxfordshire barn.

Drawing the 'makers mark' into the wooden hoop, before burning it in with a pyrography pen.

Banging the holes for the lacing.

Drum making in the beautiful Sussex countryside.

Drum making at Spirit Walker Crystals in Oxfordshire.

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