Sunday, 16 June 2019

Mending The World

The knowledge that everything is sacred is the context within which everything I see is framed, the song that accompanies every sound that reaches my ear. It is the sensuality of taste and scent and the delight in my touch. It is why my heart thrums with love for the wild, for all of life.

I am sacred, you are sacred; he, she, we are sacred.

And they.... they are sacred too, but in a world where everything is sacred there is no they. Only US.

The divided state, the transition from 'we' to 'us and them' - 'othering' - is the fundamental blockage to remembering who we are.

As soon as there is 'them' there is loss of connection, and it is connection, that sense of being part of something greater than our individual selves, that is the most potent pathway to healing all that is broken in our world.

In truth - it IS the healing of what is broken. Finding our connection with and respect for the other-than-human world would immediately bring about the mending of our world. If we began to think, speak and act from the place of experiencing our indivisibility from all of sacred, sentient life there would be radical and rapid change on our planet.

Recognising that all of the interwoven, interdependent, living, breathing, sighing Earth is ensouled, is one being, is all we need. At the moment we are her lost soul parts, wondering around having forgotten where we belong. Thrashing about in our loss of connection to our real selves, in pain, destructively kicking out against ourselves, we are destroying the healthful balance of Earth's greater body. We must remember ourselves home, literally re-member ourselves back into Earth's community. 

WE are Earth
We ARE Earth
We are EARTH

It doesn't matter which way you say it, we need to get busy, clean up the mess we've been making and get on with living in the congruent bliss of right relationship with all of ourselves. For that is what is on the other side of this terrible disconnection: Connection.  Community. Love. And all the heart-full richness and beauty that those things bring.


Except that it isn't. The broken connection is now centuries old and we have mostly now forgotten how to listen to the wisdom of the land.

The flame at the heart of this relationship needs to be re-kindled. How do we begin?

By stepping out of complexity and into simplicity. Out of the reductionist, mechanical view of ourselves and our 'environment' and into a profoundly simple truth. That everything is made up of the same stuff. Everything is connected. Everything is containing of and contained in Spirit. The Divine.

If we have been acting as if we have forgotten, then now we simply need to act as if we remember.

Re-introduce ourselves to life.


I understand that this seems exceptionally simple from where I'm standing and that perhaps this is not the case for you. So let's just take the first step.

Decide which side of the fence you'd like to be on... Do you want to live on a living planet?

If you want to chose life, you must chose all of life.  From the smallest bug to the largest mountain, we need each other.

Sing with us.

Sing a song of love, for all that you see, for all that is contained within the world that you perceive as beauty and feel to be alive.

No matter who you are, no matter where you are, this is a first step that is attainable for all of us. It needs no special skills, no talent in music, the tune can be tuneless and the words are a litany of love for what is in front of you. They change with the seasons, with the light, with your heart.

The Land is listening.

And she loves songs.

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