Painted Drums

These are pictures of some of the shamanic drums that Fergus has painted in the past.  You could have one exactly like one of these, or a bit like one of these, or something completely different.

 You might find something that inspires you here.  There are also many pictures of drums we have painted on my website

I'm going to give them all names so that if you did want one exactly the same or a bit like one of these I will know which one you mean.

Triskele drum in gold

Honey Bee and Comb

White Owl Hunting 

Crow Has The Key 

The Green Man Shamanic Drum
Detail of the side of The Green Man drum

Raven Flies Forth

Yellow Tailed Phoenix 
Lemiscate, Skep, Bees
Skep detail 
The Whole of The Hare
Druid's Phoenix 
Buffalo Woman 
Running deer on the side of a drum
Dragons on the side of a drum

Dancing Bear Shamanic Drum 

Detail from Dancing Bear Shamanic Drum 

Odin's Tree Shamanic Drum (12")

Antler Handle on back of Shamanic Drum  (12")

'Attend Me' Runes and Labyrinth Drum 

Ghost Horse 

Web of Gold 
Web of Gold Detail 
The Queen in The Web of Gold original drawing.

The Sacred Geometry of The Rose

Angel Wolf Shamanic Drum
Angel Wolf with Angel Wings added
Bear Totem on side of drum
Dolphin Totem on Side of Drum 
Eagle and Snake Shamanic Drum
Eagle detail
Detail of Snake 
Humming Bird Totem on side of Shamanic Drum 
Leopard totem on side of drum 
Awen Drum 
Detail of Awen Drum 
Buzzard on Awen Drum
Prayers from Tibet Shamanic Drum
Eagle Flies East Shamanic Drum
The Dance of Infinite Flight
The Dance of Infinite Flight - close up
Standing Stag Shamanic Drum
Red Snake Hex
The Roar of The Roses
Horse and Eagle Shamanic Drum
White Hart From The Flames Drum
The Flower and The Flow-er drum
Snaily Shamanic Drum
Sea Eagle Drum
Drum sticks available in many colours
Raven Drum
Briar Rose Drum
Owl Moon Shamanic Drum 
Owl Moon Shamanic  Drum detail
Serpent and Staff Shamanic Drum
Serpent and Staff detail 
Phoenix Rises From The Fire shamanic drum
I hope you will forgive me - I am also going to repeat the words shamanic drum over and over in the hopes that this  moves this blog up the search engine listings and the folks looking for drums such as these can find their way here.

Hexagonal drum with Spirit Canoe
Lemniscatic Snake shamanic drum
Maya shamanic drum
Eagle Shamanic Drum
Buzzard Flies Overhead shamanic drum
Small Crow Shamanic Drum 
Medieval Vine around the rim
 The Humble Honey Bee and the Flower Nektar
Faery knotwork drum
Buffalo shamanic drum
Bluebird Shaman's drum
Ayahuasca Vine shamanic drum
Bridgit's Drum
Shamanic Allies drum
Blue Dragon Shamanic Drum
Rune of Protection shamanic drum
Black and White Swans shamanic drum
Snake Hex Shamanic Drum
Wise Maiden Drum
Wind Horse Shamanic Drum
Runes Shamanic Drum
Doe Shamanic Drum
The Buzzard and The Alchemical Tree of Life
Ghost Wolf Shamanic Drum
Oak Leaf Shamanic Drum
Polarity Shamanic Drum

Thank you so much for looking at our drums, if there's something here you like then please let us know which one, and if none of them quite hit the mark for you then do please send us a picture of what you would like. 


  1. Hi, how much are your drum beaters please

    1. Hi, thanks for your enquiry. Drum beaters are £16 plus postage to wherever you are.

  2. How much are your shamanic drums sister?

    Blessings x