Monday, 10 November 2014


On a still sunny and unfettered autumn afternoon a raggle-taggle band of wayward and wildish folk gathered amongst the trees near here to help out some friends. 

We came from here and there, through the chinks and the cracks in the boundaries between this world and the other to help Rima and Tom make a film.  They are hoping to convert a beautiful 1960s Bedford RV truck into a travelling circus/theatre/home.  This is the plan; to turn this....

into this!

We gathered under the trees, an uncanny community of strangeness and creativity,

some human, some not.

There were wonders aplenty .... an Elven Princess and an magical Owl Woman on patient and tireless Gypsy horses.  Jugglers, magicians, clowns and strong men, musicians, dancers and curious circus acts, all carrying a little bit of 'other' and of 'edge' within their being.

The idea is - "to make something amazing, a device for spreading beauty and kindling imaginations, a spectacular creation to reignite the old enchantments hiding at the edges of things, and bring wonder back into the greying world."

Hedgespoken by starlight

"With its drop-down stage, fancy awning and proscenium arch, Hedgespoken will serve as a stage wherever it goes. Whether it’s Tom and Rima telling tales and making mischief with handmade puppet shows, or it’s other actors, musicians or sword-swallowers using the stage-space as part of the Hedgespoken travelling show, our aim is to spread a little old magic by doing what we love. Hedgespoken has the wherewithal to act as a mini-theatre, a cabaret stage or acoustic music venue, anywhere. Perhaps your village green, or that disused urban space, wayside or park – Hedgespoken arrives, makes magic, plants seeds of imagination, and then leaves, in the tradition of wandering bards, travelling storytellers and itinerant puppet theatres and circuses that are so much part of our heritage."

By the end of the afternoon we had made a film (under the expert guidance of film maker Annabel Allison of Wax Films) which is what launched Tom and Rima's crowdfunding campaign.

The film is here.  it's well worth a watch just for it's own beauty, but please do donate if you can.
I'm the crow banging a drum!

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  1. Thank you, Suzi! It was a glorious day with glorious people - let's do it all again ;) In case the links aren't clear, you can see the film here on the crowdfunding page, folks: