Monday, 22 February 2016

We Are The World

The only relationship of real power we will ever have is our relationship to the Earth. We are her, she is us, literally and metaphorically. Everything is made up of the same stuff, Shamanic Elders have been telling us this for thousands of years and Quantum Theorists agree; we are microcosm of the macrocosm and all that we are is writ large in our world.

We ARE the Earth expressing herself, imagining herself, experiencing herself, knowing herself.
So consider this - how are you today? How is your mind, your body, your spirit? How are you taking care of that world?

Which songs are you singing?

What do you love?

What have you given birth to?

How is your inner world?

Whose air do you breath?

Who are your neighbours?

Do you know the tidal ebb and flow of the moon in your body?

What are you connected to?

Who are you and what are you here to do?

The way you do something is the way you do everything - so if you are taking care of the world that is you (harmoniously, organically, carefully, lovingly) then you are both directly and indirectly taking care of the world that is all of us.


  1. This is such a profound and beautiful post! Reading it just touched my heart and the idea of being so deeply connected and one with Mother Earth really resonates. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  2. Thank you Jodi, I'm really glad it touched your heart. <3

  3. Earth the golden mantel to lay my heart at play, soft on the wings my soul it sings of life my natures way.

    Laugh, cry break free the mind lays sway for naught should bring that thou shant sing to welcome in each day.

    Timbo 2016

  4. Oh sing this earthen mothers son, let life break free my heartfelt one to learn each waken day, lift thy spirit from the nectar of a dewy morn and breach the skies with love and laughter of the innocents. To seek at will across the hills and dales my soul at play it gains it's way this life from root to trunk to branch, to realise and gifted chance the stalk to bring new birth the hopes and prayers to all the years I give them all to you. Earthen son from his mothers womb the nourisher of this soul, let me fly free to worship thee and honest part I shall play upon the this lauded scene, my gilted dream oh for the dream of love that fills my heart.

    Timvbo 2016

    1. Oh, I've just found these comments. I'm so sorry I didn't see them at the time. Thank you for your beautiful words!