Friday, 2 March 2018

The Cailleach's Stick Pile

She was out for quite a while then, that old crone The Cailleach. A-gathering sticks at Imbolc.

The snow has covered every single breath of spring in white silence.

At some points yesterday almost everything disappeared. The blizzard driving snow into every nook and cranny, breaking the silence and pulling branches from trees. The swirling, icy wind piling snow on hedgerows only to push it off again. Nothing moved that was not wind driven.

Now familiar territories seem strange.

Eerie. Ways are blocked, somehow a door has been shut.

And another has opened. The trees have become Goblin Trees, the gaps between them gateways into Faerie.

Not that this hasn't always been a Faerie Wood.

It's just that usually, you can't see the Fey.

It is considered very rude to look directly and I certainly wouldn't dream of photographing one, but looking at the people who are looking seemed OK.


  1. Stunning images Suzi- love the dancing Fey! xx Cath

  2. this made me smile---thank you!

    and how i envy you the snowy beauty in these photos...

  3. Where I live, snow is a rarity. And when it happens it tends to be a light dusting that melts fast. I would love to experience a 'total white out', to be enclosed by the snow's pale light, and know what the heart of winter really is. Thank you for sharing these photos, as it has been a small insight into what this might be like.

    1. The diversity of our beautiful world is always something to wonder at, it's all to easy for me to forget that there are places where it doesn't snow!