Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Solstice Slow Time

Happy Solstice!

This morning at dawn and intrepid band of travellers braved the elements to walk to Scorhill (on Dartmoor) to greet the dawn. It was so windy that a friend's smallish daughter was blown over and nearly everyone there remarked at some point that we must all be completely bonkers.

It was incredibly beautiful. Wonderful to be out in such extreme weather to a place where wildness lives.

To be reminded that this is the time to stop.

Or at the very least slow down.

Take some breaths of the howling, thrashing air and remember;

Few things really matter, but love matters and you and I and all our relations (human and other-than-human) matter. And none of these would be anything at all without Earth - who IS us and all our human and other-than-human relations, everyone from cats to carrots. And so she matters most of all.

Merry Mid-Winter - however you celebrate it.


  1. Wildly beautiful. Solstice blessings to you.

  2. Inspiring Suzi and beautiful. Thank you

  3. Really beautiful to read. And your pictures are wonderfully dreamy too. Blessings to you.